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Here to guide you through the process.


Your story deserves a better ending.

Tens of millions of people suffer from untreated mental health conditions and active substance use disorders. The healthcare system and societal stigmas present hurdles that make recovery difficult for families to comprehend what is required for the family system to get healthier. No family should tackle this alone. Our goal is to guide and coach you through this process. No family does it perfectly; it’s a roller coaster for families, but we are here to walk you through it. Family recovery is a journey, with many twists and turns, and we will help illuminate the path — just don’t leave before the miracle happens.

Meet the Team

Ward Blanchard
Ward Blanchard

Over ten years ago, Ward Blanchard found his life’s passion working in the field of mental health and substance use disorders. Ward’s professional career began in business as he represented the third generation to work at Kellogg Supply Company, a building supply and lumber chain founded by his grandfather. Specializing in addiction, Ward obtained his advanced addiction counseling education and credentials through California Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC-II) which required a minimum of 8,000 hours of supervised counseling experience. Ward is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) and has worked in all facets of addiction treatment, from interventions, admissions, business development, therapy, continuing-care, and operations.

Jennifer Stanger
Jennifer L. Stanger

Jennifer Stanger has been working in the mental and behavioral health industry since 2008. While she began her professional career in New York City in the world of fashion advertising, she’d discover in the coming years that her true passions are centered around mental/behavioral health and recovery. She initially entered the treatment and recovery field in the role of marketing and business development but eventually shifted her focus to direct services of case management, crisis management, interventions, therapeutic consulting and treatment placement, and life skills/recovery coaching. She enjoys working with the complex dynamics of families and the individuals in need of treatment and support services. Through her time and experience in the industry, Jennifer is a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP), Qualified Substance Abuse Prevention Professional (QSAPP) and a Certified Life Coach (CLC).

Allison Christie
Allison Christie

Originally from Chicago, Allison joined Blanchard & Associates in April 2016. She graduated from Middlebury Institute of International Studies Fisher Business School with a Master’s Degree in International Business Administration. After living overseas for twenty years she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and decided to follow her passion and enter the field of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. Allison has a keen interest in supporting families and is a Certified ARISE® Interventionist I (CAI-I).

Therapy Dog

Gibbs the Therapy dog, born and raised in Southern California, moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2014 to continue to cultivate her passion of delivering cuteness, comfort, and adorability to anyone and everyone she encounters. Gibbs was drawn into the field of substance abuse and behavioral health after her own personal recovery from a process of addiction with chewing shoes and furniture. She understands how such an addiction truly is a family disease—impacting the whole family. Gibbs is intelligent, focused, enjoys attention and being pet behind the ears. Gibbs received formal education through The Dog Knowledge Obedience School of Charlotte, NC. She graduated with spectacular mediocrity in obedience, but excelled in the subjects of advanced charm, good looks, and tennis-ball catching. She loves riding horses, a good hot dog, listening to Dave Matthews Band, is a documentary film enthusiast, and is avid about sharing global warming articles on her Facebook.

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