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Sober Transport & Companions

Every bit of help matters.

Getting your loved one to and from a chosen treatment center, between treatment facilities, or even transitioning to outpatient treatment can be a stressful process. There are many known triggers and stressors associated with traveling that can make getting your loved one to their treatment destination difficult.

We can help your loved one get to and from treatment safely, while also helping them avoid known risks such as carrying medications, passing by airport bars, enduring long periods of travel time alone, and coping with travel-related delays or changes along the way. Simply put, having a trained support person during these vulnerable times can make a huge difference in your loved one’s future and chances for a successful recovery.

Keeping loved ones safe.

Our sober transport specialists are available to assist clients as they move through different levels of care, transitioning from inpatient treatment to sober living or back home. We also provide transport services for extended travel, including airport layovers, multi-day transportation, and overnight stays. Regardless of the distance, travel modalities or time involved, our clinically supervised transporters are here to support your loved one throughout their treatment journey.

More than just a ride to and from treatment, our sober escorts provide companionship, security and accountability, ensuring that your loved one gets safely to his or her destination and on to the next step in recovery. We also provide all the logistics involved in getting your loved one to his or her destination as safely and efficiently as possible with the least amount of stress. The benefits of sober transportation include a reduced risk of relapse, companion services during potentially risky or stressful circumstances, and enhanced safety for your loved one.

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