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Family Case Management

Helping families through the recovery process.

Mental health conditions, substance use disorders, addictions, and other behavioral health issues can create turmoil and crisis, as well as physical, mental and emotional hurdles that make it difficult for individuals and families to navigate.  Much like anyone experiencing a serious medical condition, suffering individuals endure an arduous atmosphere influenced by urgency, crisis-mode, and emotional intensity or confusion. This is not an environment conducive for individuals and families to be making treatment decisions on their own or without direction of a highly trained and experienced specialist.  Many families have experienced disappointments or repeated treatment attempts due to lack of guidance and support. Blanchard & Associates provides highly specialized and experienced support and guidance through this difficult time.

Blanchard & Associates’ comprehensive approach to Case Management is aimed at helping families through this journey. From assessing whether your loved one needs help, to focusing on supporting your family during the treatment process and beyond, Blanchard & Associates is here to guide and direct you. The critical steps needed for an effective treatment plan and recovery can be difficult. We offer professional clinical guidance, treatment recommendations and oversight, transitional planning, coaching, support groups, education and resources, and more to ensure that your family and loved one are getting the best care possible.

Our Case Management Services Include:

  • Treatment Screenings & Assessments

  • Treatment Planning & Referrals to Treatment

  • Continuing Care Communications

  • Serving as Liaison with Treatment Programs

  • Providing Expert Clinical Guidance

  • Guiding Clients through Recovery Process

  • Planning for Next Critical Steps

  • Workshops & Education

  • Coaching & Advocacy

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