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Crisis Management & Consulting

Crisis management and consulting services that work.

Crisis Management & 
Therapeutic Consulting 

Crisis situations are often related to a difficult event or situation such as an acute mental health episode, an arrest, involuntary commitment (or need for one), suicidal ideation or recent attempt, etc. No one should have to navigate a crisis alone and Blanchard & Associates specialize in helping families get through these times. Our expertise helps to prioritize and focus on the steps to take and how to navigate a complex healthcare system.


The treatment industry is a complex arena and not one that's recommended to navigate without professional assistance. We provide a step-by-step approach to assess what the needs are and how to begin this process. We will provide oversight and guidance during the entirety of the journey and act as the advocate and liaison for the family and individual to ensure the best care is possible. We will provide treatment program recommendations based on the specific needs of the individual and other variables that impact the best options. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of programs throughout the United States and beyond and we will walk you through the process of selecting a facility that will best meet the needs of the loved one.

Our Pre-Treatment & Crisis Management Services Include:

  • Professional Guidance Following a Crisis

  • Assessment

  • Planning and Executing Crisis Intervention

  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning

  • Safe Transport

Treatment Placement & Consultation

Our Intervention Process


During the initial phone call an individual or loved one will speak directly with a highly experienced case manager who will assess all background information provided and communicate best options moving forward.

Early Education

A face-to-face family consultation will be scheduled to educate the family on potential treatment options.  Not only for the identified individual struggling, but also for each family member.

Initial Consultation

The multidisciplinary team will assess all information gathered during the initial consultation and make treatment recommendations.


If intervention services are appropriate, our team of qualified, licensed professionals will walk you through the process and navigate the dialogue with your loved one.

Weekly Phone Calls

Weekly phone calls are available to family members and will be presented as part of the treatment plan after an initial consultation.

We work directly with families to assess individual needs and develop a plan to meet those needs from pre-treatment throughout early recovery.

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