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Drug Testing & Monitoring

Accurate, industry standard screening methods.

Random Drug Testing

We believe in randomized testing at a frequency that is right for each person. Our drug screening and monitoring services include individualized planning to meet specific needs and recovery goals. Our team works diligently with a nationwide network of testing providers to develop a screening and monitoring program that fits each person’s lifestyle and supports sustainable recovery. We closely monitor our testing program to ensure that your loved one is participating in testing on assigned days and that any positive results are “double-tested” to accurately confirm results.

We utilize testing that offers some of the best and most accurate screening methods in the industry, including a portable, real-time alcohol detection device. In addition, we offer urine analysis, hair follicle, blood, saliva and fingernail testing, which provides our clinical team with a full history of chemical use. Our range of tests allow us to establish a clinical “baseline” for your loved one, whereby we can also effectively assess whether psychotropics and medications are being taken as prescribed.

Transparency is Key

Cessation of prescribed medication can lead to the relapse of mental health symptoms, unhealthy behaviors, and a recurrence of substance use. With careful monitoring, we can promptly identify and remedy any inconsistencies in one’s medication management or drug use to get the individual back on track quickly.

Drug testing and monitoring is just one of the many available tools we offer to hold individuals accountable and keep family members informed of their progress. We are also able to coordinate testing for those traveling for school, business or leisure by utilizing our nationwide network of providers.

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