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Helping Individuals and Families Heal 

Interventions, Case Management & Therapeutic Consulting

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Blanchard & Associates

Whether you are a family member, loved one or individual affected by mental health or substance use disorders, life can feel overwhelming. When you make the difficult decision to seek help for this, you want to choose professionals with empathy, knowledge and experience to help reclaim your life, health and happiness.

Blanchard & Associates’ team of qualified professionals can help. We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues, specializing in interventions, case management, therapeutic consulting and continued care. Our personalized approach will guide and support individuals, families and loved ones through all stages of recovery.

World Class.
Family Focused.

There are no two situations exactly alike. We implement a process that is unique to each family. Your family is our client.

What We Do

“We concentrate on case management for both the individual and family because individuals need active, educated family members to help them comply with recovery plans.” 

Ward Blanchard, Founder & CEO

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